Welcome to Hickory Island Services - Preserving Florida's Southern Spirit
The Ellen Louise.
The ship that holds our dreams of Preserving Florida's Southern Spirit
       In the early Spring of 2005 Mr. Andrew Patrick Tate purchased (among other strategic properties in Levy County) Hickory Island.   For decades the locals referred to Hickory Island as Hodges Island after another influential Levy County resident and original owner of the island, Dr. Andrew Elton Hodges.   Read some history of these two entrepreneurs and you will see they have more in common then their first name - farming, boating, logging, saw mills, cattle and much more, both professional and personal. 
     Mr. Tate is passionate about Preserving Florida’s Southern Spirit. He has hand picked the members on his team and has surrounded himself with the best possible people to achieve his goals. The choice for the person to transform Mr. Tate’s vision into reality was an easy one.   Ms. Peggy Stephens, Mr. Tate’s business adviser and manager of all Hickory Island businesses, had known Mr. Tate for many years prior to his Hickory Island endeavors.   Ms. Stephens brings a wealth of experience, education, a knowledge of the local area and an amazing work ethic to the organization.
     Mr. Tate’s main focus early on was to once again bring shrimp boating to Yankeetown, Fl. His first major accomplishment was to re-establish Hickory Island as a port. The second major step was a chance meeting with a lady of the sea, The Ellen Louise (photo above). With the shrimp boat Ellen Louise, Mr Tate was able to bring large, fresh shrimp back to the Yankeetown shore.
    Along with the purchase of the building located at the very prominent corner of US Hwy 19 and CR 40 in Inglis, Fl., came 5 other buildings that quickly broadened Hickory Island’s business interests. Three of the new ventures are: The Hickory Island Lighthouse Lounge, a hugely successful bar/lounge, and Hickory Island Lodge,  the perfect place to get away.  Two other businesses will be in place soon.
      It’s not all business with the dynamic duo of Tate and Stephens. They make sure they have fun and enjoy life every chance they can - which is another message they try to pass on to everyone they meet. 
     Many more great things are to come for the group at Hickory Island.
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     Keep checking back here for new, exciting and sometimes funny updates.
           Mr. Tate has taken great measure to restore the home on Hickory Island to its original condition including the grounds.  Hickory Island is not open to the public as Mr. Tate is also restoring the original use of the island as that of a private homestead.
Hickory Island home ca. 1906.
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